Copyright Delia Thompson 1995
First published by Danby Publishing in 2003
2nd Edition

ISBN: 0 - 9751708 - 0 - 5

Review by Glenda Humes, Mesa, Arizona USA

“A delightfully charming and humorous read for young adults or adults young at heart, “No Riff Raff, please” by Tasmanian author Delia Thompson, is the first in a series of novels about Ester, a rather serious minded biophysicist who has escaped her former place of employment to a long abandoned farm. Along for the ride is her cat Mil...dew, a bit too slow to learn the essentials of a cat yet smartly practicing feline skills that would turn vegetarian Ester blue as she attempts to put her scientific theories to test in her new farm. Together with the handsome but fussy equine Mr. HGF, through fits and starts and mini adventures, the farm comes together. Mildew ponders it all, inspiring the perfect name for the farm, and further adventures and discoveries. I look forward to reading subsequent stories.”

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"No Riff Raff, please" by Delia Thompson

Relationships can have their complications.

It wasn't the way Ester loved to run her fingers through his hair and comment on its softness. It wasn't her irritating devotion to a certain Mr HGF.

It wasn't even his twitching whiskers. It's that bit of something attached to all feline DNA. That bit that wakes them out of the deepest sleep when they get a whiff of fish. That bit that makes them go 'geedonink' when they see a mouse. That bit that draws the claws out when you least expect it.

Mildrew had lots of these bits.

But love is a type of magic that supersedes even the most ingrained of cat desires and solves problems in a way you could never have imagined...

This is the first book in the "No Riff-raff" series. This is Mildrew's story.

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